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"Chances are, change is coming and we must be able to adjust."
Welcome to your 8th grade reading course.  As you may already know, reading is an essential skill that can help you grow and become anything you may desire.  This year, we will be challenged to learn all that we can and most importantly, be able to grow even through all the changes that may occur.  Each lesson will be aligned with the new Common Core Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Also, our lessons have been designed such that all students can excel in the learning process.
After graduating from high school(1987), my journey through life would take many turns, curves, and even some speed bumps, all of which were learning opportunities to my future.  From 1988 to 1992, I served in the United States Army as an infantryman traveling and training all over the world.  I was very proud and dedicated to protecting our democracy and the way of life we have here in United States of America. Most of my active duty time was spent in the Middle East. 
After my tenure of active duty came to an end, I continued my duty as a reservist.  As a reservist, I was able to complete my first degree in elementary education, minoring in psychology, from Florida A&M University.  I taught for nearly two years in Tallahassee, Florida before moving back closer to my hometown of Folkston, Georgia. 
From 1999 to 2005, I worked for America Online (AOL).  At AOL, I earned my project manager certification and served in that role until 2005.  Stemming from the demise of AOL, I worked as a resource manager for Express Scripts(2007) and Westrock (Smurfit) until 2017.  I was able to complete my educational leadership 2016.  Finally, I was ready and able to return to the school system.
My transition back to the classroom began as a substitute in Camden County, GA.  Eventually, I became a teacher for the Ombudsman alternative education program in Kingsland and St. Marys, GA.  The Ombudsman experience was unique and important because it taught me several key lessons about the many new changes in education.  Besides portraying enthusiasm, engagement and excitement for learning, the lessons taught me to appreciate the cliche, "all children can learn" even more.  That is why I initially became an educator.  Hence, I am inspired to help students grow and realize their dreams and aspirations.      
It is essential for me to present myself as a kind and caring person.  I love watching and playing sports.  Also, I love to travel and spend time with my wife and two kids whenever possible.  I consider myself as a tour guide and I want to share my vigor for adventure and learning.
While serving in Iraq, General Barry McCaffrey said to my unit of soldiers, "Anything you want to be good at, you must practice and work at it each day."  He continued by stating, "We must take care of each other and stand strong together."  I believed what he said back then, and I still push that same narrative today to all of my students and their parents. Finally, it is indeed true to me, it does "take a whole village to raise a child."
Welcome to Mr Brown's 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Class
Jerry L.. Brown Sr. 
Florida A&M University (BS) Psychology/Elementary Education
Strayer University (MS)
Educational Leadership
Walden University
Risley Middle School
707 South Port Road
Brunswick, GA