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Medication In The School

According to Glynn County Board of Education policy, specific procedures must be followed for medications to be administered in school.

Before any prescription medication may be administered in school, the parent must provide the school with 1) a completed Physician Authorization for Medication Administration form*, and 2) a completed Parental Authorization for Medication Administration form.
* Please note - the Physician Authorization for Medication Administration MUST be picked up from the Nurse's office because it is a carbon copy that cannot be linked to the website.

Any time there is a change in the prescribed medication, the parent must notify the school, update the forms listed above and provide a prescription bottle labeled to correspond to the new medication order.

All medications must be brought to school in the original labeled bottle from the pharmacy.

The label must clearly state the name of the student and the current health provider's order, including the name of the medication, dosage, administration time, name of physician, and expiration date.

Parents must provide over the counter medications in the original labeled bottle and complete a Parental Authorization for Medication Administration form.

All medication should be taken to the nurse's office in the original prescription container with the most recent date and latest instructions.

Any medication remaining at the end of the last day of in- person instruction will disposed by the school system.



Please help control exposure to illness in school, prevent the spread of disease and reduce the number of absences due to illness.

DO NOT send your child to school if he or she:

Has a fever (100 degrees or higher) during the night or in the morning;
Has experienced vomiting or diarrhea during the night or in the morning;
Has a persistent cough and/or large amounts of nasal discharge;
Has an unidentified rash or open, draining skin sores;
Has eye irritation with drainage, or;
Has tiny live insects (lice) in his or her hair.


In case of illness or accident during the school day, the nurse will use professional judgment to determine whether or not the student should be transported to the local hospital emergency room for care. If a student is transported, the student's parents will be called from the emergency room. If the student does not require transport, the parents will be called from the school to pick up the student for medical care.  

Other Important Information

Scoliosis screenings are conducted at the middle school level for sixth and eighth grade students. Any parents not wishing for their child to be checked must notify the child's school.

Immunization Requirement

Up to date immunization records are required as part of enrollment in GCSS. Most student's immunization records expire the summer prior to their 7th grade year. A MCV4 and booster TdaP is required for 7th grade. There are some student's records that expire prior to their 6th grade year due to their age. Please be on the look out during your student's 6th grade spring semester for immunization record notifications. If you have already received a notification from your student's previous school nurse, please make an appointment with your provider or the Glynn Co. Health Department @ 912-264-3961.

Please make sure that your contact information is UP TO DATE in the Infinite Campus system. You can check by logging into your parent portal or your student's portal. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me! 

Bonnie Gramm

9122-280-4020 x 5857

[email protected]