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AR Home Connect

AR Home Connect:
       an EASY way for parents to get updates on students’ independent reading

What IS AR Home Connect?

   --Allows parents to use a home computer or tablet to view results of all AR quizzes       
   --Allows parents to receive email alerts that immediately report AR quiz results

How can we get AR Home Connect?

--Click on this link to access AR Home Connect.

   -- Username: the student’s 5-digit PIN
       Password: the student’s 6-digit birthdate

   --The next screen shows
             * a photo of the last book for which a quiz was taken
              * the student’s progress toward a reading goal for this marking period (teachers have already sent info about individual student reading goals home),
              * the average reading level of the book being read, and
              * the average percentage correct.

   ***To activate brief emails with AR test results, click ”Email Setup” at top right corner. ***

How can AR Home Connect be useful in our family?

--Makes it easy to stay up-to-date with AR progress.

--It’s a tool for giving positive encouragement to your child; we do not want reading time to be unpleasant or a punishment. When students are struggling with enjoying reading, it usually helps to seek out reading material that is interesting and engaging for THAT child, and to take time to read to and/or with your child. Ask the media specialist for suggestions. We have never heard of a parent who regretted spending time reading to or with a child!

AR is merely a tool for monitoring independent reading. It is our hope that students will develop a habit of enjoyable, independent reading.