Golden Rule Student of the Year

Congratulations, Jillian Meyer, Risley Middle School's Golden Rule Student of the Year!
Jillian is an eighth-grade student who works hard in school, accepts everyone she meets, and acts as a ray of sunshine in every situation. From the time she entered the school in sixth grade, Jillian has modeled the Golden Rule for her peers. Teachers and peers describe her as respectful, kind, and friendly. One of her teachers wrote that “when confronted with any opposition, Jillian always seeks to find a solution that benefits everyone.” Her consideration of and care for others stays at the forefront of her mind and shows in her daily actions. Jillian's positive attitude is infectious! She always has a friendly smile and a kind word for those she meets. She is the definition of the Golden Rule and Risley Middle is proud to name her our Golden Rule Student of the Year. 
Thank you, Jillian, for continuing to shine your positive light and modeling the Golden Rule for your peers!