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Golden Rule Winners

The Katz-Whittle Foundation Golden Rule Law of Life Character Award is presented to a student who has modeled the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, for what you do to others will bring good or bad consequences to your life. 
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Congratulations to Zane Miller, our March Golden Rule winner!
Zane Miller
Here are some of the awesome things Zane's teachers had to say about him:

Zane demonstrates the Golden Rule daily. He works harder than most of the students I know to be successful and pass his classes. Zane is the type of friend I want all of my students, and even future children, to have. He is genuine, loyal, kind, and honest. Even with these characteristics, Zane works hard at being a good friend. He consistently looks out for his people. There have been several times that Zane has come to me concerned about a classmate or to make sure I knew something that was going on with another student. 


Zane always goes above and beyond whether it is in the classroom, perfecting his handwriting, excellent manners, respect, or being a friend to anyone he comes in contact with. Even when having a difficult day, Zane continues to show all of these amazing qualities treating others with kindness and respect.


Thank you, Zane, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!
Congratulations to Jillian Meyer, our February Golden Rule winner!
Jillian Meyer
Here are some of the wonderful things Jillian's teacher had to say about her:
Jillian is the epitome of what the Golden Rule stands for.  She always seeks to help her fellow students.  Every morning she greets her teachers and peers with an infectiously positive attitude.  She is respectful and polite.  Students describe her as kind and friendly.  Teachers feel the same.   When confronted with any opposition, Jillian always seeks to find a solution that benefits everyone.  She is a quiet leader, and her groups always work so well together.  If you speak with either the students or teachers of 8A. the overwhelming majority of each will agree that Jillian makes every situation better.
Thank you, Jillian, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!
Congratulations to Makayla Riner, our January Golden Rule winner!
Makayla Riner
Here are some of the fabulous things Makayla's teachers have to say about her: 
Makayla is one of the sweetest children I know. She is so amazing with our CABS kids.  She will help them if she sees them struggling all on her own without anyone asking her too!! She is a great friend to our kids and goes out of her way to talk to them daily and make them feel included. Which is something our kids struggle with everyday. When we do group activities, she is the first one to jump up and join our group and bring other students with her. She definitely treats others the way she would like to be treated and that's why I am nominating Makayla for the Golden Rule Award.
Thank you, Makayla, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!

Jesse Nephew


Congratulations to Jesse Nephew, our November Golden Rule winner!


Here are some of the wonderful things Jesse’s teachers had to say about him:


I have watched Jesse grow up from a young child with a heart for helping others to a young man with a heart for helping others. Jesse is a kind friend to his fellow classmates. He is a conscientious student who comes to school prepared to learn. He is a member of Beta Club and enjoys participating in the service opportunities that come with Beta Club membership. Outside of school, Jesse is active in Boy Scouts and is the Senior Patrol Leader in his Boy Scout troop. He participates in golf and bowling leagues. Jesse is a well-rounded young man with a mind for learning and a heart for helping others. He would be a worthy recipient of the Golden Rule award.

Thank you, Jesse, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!


Debora is the type of person who strives to do EVERYTHING the right way. She showcases maturity beyond her years and is always patient even when others around her are growing frustrated. She is always the first student logged in and ready to learn at the beginning of class, and her every action shows that she views school as a very important job. Most middle schoolers struggle with self-sufficiency, but Debora is a teacher's dream because she truly exhausts her own resources before asking for help. Her determined expression speaks volumes about her desire to figure things out herself. 90% of the time, she conquers the challenge and moves forward with increased vigor and self-confidence. She is also an extremely kind person who is always willing to do anything to help her teachers or fellow students. Debora shows genuine respect for everyone she encounters and shows true enthusiasm for developing personal relationships with her peers and teachers. Best of all, Debora never cuts corners--no matter how small. Regardless of whether or not anyone is watching, she's intrinsically motivated to do the right thing. She is already a tremendous quiet leader, bilingual, and a student who makes Risley a better place.


Thank you, Debora, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!

Gladys Perez-Lopez


Congratulations to Gladys Perez-Lopez, our September Golden Rule winner!


Here are some of the wonderful things Gladys’ teachers had to say about her:


Gladys is always kind to peers and teachers. She works hard every day and is delighted when she is successful. She has friends and often volunteers to help others. She is a fabulous student. 


Gladys Perez-Lopez has been a student at Risley Middle School since her sixth grade year. Throughout all of last year and the beginnings of this year, she has shown her dedication and ownership when it comes to her education. Gladys has been an outstanding student, she is respectful, shows achievement and ownership and is responsible. A true ROAR student and a prime example of PBIS here at Risley. Gladys completes her work in a timely manner and is willing to help others on her own accord. Gladys is quiet in the classroom and does not disrupt others or the learning environment. She is a true joy to have in class and we all look forward to a fantastic year with her!


Thank you, Gladys, for being a model of the Golden Rule for your peers!